the Winter Collection

the Softness and Comfort of Natural Fibers

The soft natural cashmere of Cataleya.

In winter, Cataleya is under the fascination of cashmere and wraps children in the most beautiful yarn,
while respecting their well-being by selecting only natural and organic fibers.

Cataleya is inspired by the North Wind. Cashmere come in natural dyes,
obtained from fodder plants, flowers or roots,
used for their medicinal and tinctorial virtues since antiquity.

Covered with a Poncho on a high collar Elnat, without armholes for a great freedom of movement,
our cherubim travel far without leaving their stroller!

In cotton or cashmere, knitted in jersey stitch or cable,
the leggings bring all the comfort that the children ask for.

The collection is available from 1 year old until 8 years old.