Organic and natural cotton

the most beautiful and valuable natural fibers

Organic Cotton: spun and dyed in Italy

Cataleya has selected for its cotton range a high quality thread that responds to the welfare of our children and nature.

The organic cotton is made from organic farming certified by the Institute for Ethical
Certification and according to the environmental “global standard organic textile”
that differ from traditional crops:

• Do not use genetically modified seeds.
• Do not use pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
• Ensure the land’s fertility by safeguarding water resources for the long term.


The Cataleya Label is made of a leather selected for its qualities: “chrome free” hand wash-resistant and dry and certified Class 1 OEFO TEX Standard 100.

The dyeing process of the the threads is made with selected products following environmentally
friendly standards and reduces the risk of allergies and diseases.

The certification body is responsible for the management and proper traceability at all stages of the production process that is completely made in Italy.

a LifeStyle : Easy Wear easy care, 100% Natural

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